Leveling test – Polish

If you’re not sure which online course you should enroll in, fill out our Polish language level test. The test consists of 30 single-choice questions and should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete. After completing the test, you will receive information about your language level which will allow you to enroll in the appropriate group.

The result of the leveling test is disclosed free of charge, without having to leave contact information.


Basic level

Intermediate level

Polish level test – result

Polish is not easy to learn – mainly because of grammar. Our Polish as a Foreign Language levelling test checks your understanding of the context of individual statements and your ability to use the appropriate grammatical forms.

If you are doing well in theory, but don’t feel confident when speaking, you don’t have to worry – our lecturers will help you break down your barriers during the course of Polish as a foreign language.

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